2022 guideline management and dissemination data analysis and insights.

It’s been a great year for GuideDoc; enabling more healthcare organisations to provide fast guidelines access to their clinical staff.  Given it’s the end of the year we wanted to share key insights….

Overall, over 120K Guidelines were consulted on GuideDoc this year, that’s a 14% increase on last year.

Regarding guideline content:

  • 57% related to Injectable Drugs.
  • 21% related to Antimicrobial Guidance.
  • 8% related to Clinical Department Guidelines.
  • 41% of all Guidelines are consulted outside of standard working hours.

Interestingly, while many hospitals provide access to Antimicrobial guidelines, our data shows that it represents only a 5th of the overall information looked for by clinical staff.

86% of organisations using GuideDoc are sharing guidelines with each other to help broaden the information available to their respective clinical teams. If your organisation is limited to just providing antimicrobial information, and you would like to increase your guideline repository, then perhaps we can be of assistance.

Usage and Usability

GuideDoc mobile app traffic grew by 31%. Our users have a clear preference for Apple, with 84% of all mobile access going through our iOS App.

Over 90% of users prefer to browse to the information they need rather than searching for it. Based on the data, 90% of users find the guideline they need in the first attempt. Something we will look to improve upon further next year.

There are now over 2600 Healthcare Professionals using GuideDoc. July is by far are most popular month for new users join organisations (likely driven by the clinical rotations in hospitals).

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