GuideDoc Was Founded To Address A Major Patient Safety Challenge Facing The Medical Industry Today – How Do We Know If Doctors And Medical Professionals Are Keeping Up To Date With Agreed Best Practice.

We interviewed many stakeholders at a department, hospital, regional and national level. The same questions kept reappearing; questions like, did the primary users receive our new guideline, how can we tell how many have downloaded our PDF? What devices did they access the Guideline from? How many referred to the core protocols and algorithms regularly? Did we get any feedback?

Millions are being spent every year by medical institutions to write and tailor guidelines, yet access to adoption and dissemination reports in most cases is extremely manual and cumbersome. On top of this many institutions are finding that their guidelines are being bypassed in favour of guidelines that more conveniently available from mobile 3rd party app providers.

Guidelines are typically shared in PDF format. While PDF’s are great for printing and great for knowing everyone can open the file type, it is a difficult format to pull usage reports from and is inflexible when viewing from a mobile device.

The GuideDoc platform was designed to eliminate both reporting and mobile accessibility challenges.

GuideDoc facilitates the sharing and use of guidelines within existing organisational networks. GuideDoc manages everything, it presents all key information (protocol and algorithms etc) in mobile App format, it automatically sends out email notifications of new and updated guidelines, it manages member contact information, tracks dissemination and usage and gathers user feedback – all in real-time.

Our vision is to transform the way medical guidelines are shared and accessed. Our goal is to be the number 1 location for accessing medical guidelines online.

Company Overview

GuideDoc is privately financed and is gratefully supported by Enterprise Ireland. Its founding members have over 20 years of experience in online application development and health informatics. We are currently working with a number of health organisations to transform how they share and access guidelines.


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