GuideDoc: For hospitals

Healthcare professionals consult over 10,000 guidelines times per month on GuideDoc

GuideDoc allows healthcare organisations to manage, update and share guidelines with staff through a fast, secure and reliable platform

Guidedoc’s innovative design means caregivers have instant access to the latest medical and healthcare guidelines reducing decision time and helping to optimise care.

By using GuideDoc, Healthcare institutions can:

  • Create, share and actively manage hospital approved clinical guidelines.
  • Provide access to clinical teams on any device or screen at any time.
  • Organisational groups can further increase operational efficiency and reduce administration costs through our GuideDoc Hub.

Supporting Compliance

‘The medicines guide was accessible via all computer desktops in the hospital and as an application which could be downloaded to mobile phones or tablets. This use of mobile technology gave prescribers easy access to the guidelines at the point of prescribing.’

HIQA 2018 SVUH Report

Saint Vincent’s University Hospital use GuideDoc in support of JCI accreditation.

GuideDoc ShareHub

Organisational groups can further increase operational efficiency and reduce administration costs through our GuideDoc Hub. 

The GuideDoc Hub allows groups to share policies documents between sites while still being able to tailor content at a local level. 

"The National Rehabilitation Hospital has been using GuideDoc for the last 4 years. The usage of GuideDoc has steadily grown with the nursing and medical staff over the years. It is fantastic having clinical medication guidelines in one easy to access place , on your phone or desktop. The staff find it easy to retrieve the relevant information whether they are looking for the preferred antimicrobial for a specific indication or the latest NRH guidelines to treat hypokalaemia. It can be tailored for your own hospitals requirements and guidelines . It is simple to update and support is available, I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending GuideDoc."
Sheena Cheyne
Pharmacy Manager, National Rehabilitation Hospital

Simple Rollout

Because GuideDoc is cloud based it can be installed without the need for IT support.

Complete Dissemination Reporting

Have a complete understanding of which guidelines clinical staff are consulting and searching for.

Our Medical and Healthcare Guidelines App is Suitable For Sharing:

GuideDoc for Medical and Healthcare Policy Makers

  • Ease of use means obsolete guidelines can be deleted and replaced as necessary
  • Point and click text editing allows pre-existing guidelines to be refined and modified as necessary
  • Instant dissemination of new or updated guidelines to all relevant hospitals, hospital departments or medical facilities
  • Built-in reporting and tracking of guideline interaction on an organisational, network or individual level
  • Allows for immediate publication of updated care protocols and medical guidelines to a network of hospitals
  • Guidelines sharing between hospitals can help standardise care protocols across different institutions
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