GuideDoc for Retirement Homes

Save over 500 hours of compliance administration per year

With GuideDoc, Nursing Homes can:

  • Save over 500 hours of compliance administration per year.
  • Reduces policy management and distribution overheads
  • Improve (agency) staff compliance
  • Make care giving more efficient.
What do you Get

What do you get with GuideDoc

Customer Feedback

We have been running GuideDoc in our organisation for over a year now and it is a very powerful application,  particularly because of its search capabilities. We have reduced our overheads in terms of distribution and management of policies and policy updates. It has also added a lot of value from a compliance perspective.  I would be happy to recommend GuideDoc to other nursing home organisations.

Pilot Case Study

In 2021 we conducted research with Esker Lodge Nursing Home Cavan into the applicability and feasibility of using GuideDoc to assist healthcare staff in providing optimal care to nursing home residents.

The admin team reported time savings of 10 hours per week
86% of respondents found that GuideDoc helped make caregiving ‘a lot’ or ‘a great deal’ more efficient
87% of respondents answered that GuideDoc provided Esker Lodge an opportunity to improve compliance and readiness for HIQA inspection by ‘a great deal’ (31%) or ‘a lot’ (56%)
93% of respondents were ‘very confident’ or ‘extremely confident’ that critical information is up to date and easily available.

Simple Rollout

Because GuideDoc is cloud based it can be installed without the need for IT support.

GuideDoc ShareHub

Organisational groups can further increase operational efficiency and reduce administration costs through our GuideDoc Hub. 

The GuideDoc Hub allows groups to share policies documents between sites while still being able to tailor content at a local level. 

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